​LEED Platinum

Public Art

In a canopy of trees, Parkview Place overlooks Central Park and faces onto Davis Community Church.

Our Parkview Place Associates

L-R: Barbara & Phil Wagner, David Hosley & gayle yamada, Don Morrill & Sue Barton,  Dick & Carol Bourne.


Designed by master builde Mike Corbett, our building received the highest LEED certification in 2015, the first residence in Davis to earn the rating.  Solar electric and water heating systems deliver electricity and temperature control to facilitate “net zero” performance. All annual energy needs are satisfied on-site, with the grid used at times to balance out seasonal demands.  The garage is equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles.

Dick Bourne adjusting carols for the heating/cooling system.

Welcome to Parkview Place, a "green" senior community infill project in central Davis, California.  Parkview Place includes four upper-floor owner-occupied apartments and one first-floor rental unit, which offsets a portion of monthly operating costs. Located at the corner of Fourth and D Streets in the downtown core, Parkview Place has all-electric energy systems including ground-coupled heat pumps, radiant floor heating and cooling and night sky cooling.  We feel this project is a model that can be replicated in cities big and small.


At the corner of our lot, a tile mosaic mural created by artist Mark Rivera shows the story of two pioneer families whose descendants lived on the site for more than a century. It reveals how the Peña and Vaca families came to California, and their lives in Davis. 
Augmenting the Peña mural is an RFID chip that’s smaller than a dime  at a corner of the mosaic.  Visitors with a mobile reader can access audio about the project and video about Rivera’s creative process.